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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Kiera Drake
Calm and helpful instrutor
Ii did a semi intensive course with Claire which was 20 hours over 3 weeks. I only had basic driving skills before and within the third 2 hour lesson we were already going to Newbury! It helps a lot that she was so calm and easy to talk to. When you’d make a mistake there was no panic or anything, she just talks you through calmly how to fix it.

I would like to thank Claire for helping my daughter get through her test. She will miss your lessons - Jenny (Zoe's mum)

Brett Harbud
Passed first time
I turned 17 on Sunday the 17th of February. Having little experience in a car I started my intensive with Claire. Claire is such a friendly and easy to talk to person. I felt so comfortable while driving and within 8 days of turning 17 I passed my test with only 2 minors. I would recommend learning with Claire because there will never be an awkward moment and she’s a true professional.

"Claire was a fantastic instructor, so much so that my son said he will miss their weekly run outs. Highly recommend, 5 star instructor." - Susan (Kyle's Mum)